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Vintage 70’s Floral Maxi Halter Dress ~ Gregg Draddy Label ~ Available on Etsy shop

Vintage 60’s Fashion 1960’s Spring Dresses ~ Venitia Cunningham, Pattie Boyd & Judy Guy Johnson in London

Vintage 1950’s Sundress ~ Sweet Cotton Floral with Lace Trim

Vintage 1961 Floral Dresses & Spring Hats will make you Think Spring 🌼

Spring is in the air 🌷🌷🌷Vintage 80’s Floral Sundress ~ available on Lucaandluna Etsy shop

Vintage Fashion 1960’s Anna Karina ~ It’s not here yet but Spring is right around the corner we are almost there 🌼 lots of great winter items have been marked down and new spring items in the shop to check out

Vintage Swinging Sixties ~ Birds Paradise Mobile Boutique London 1968

Vintage 1960’s Floral Mini Dress ~ listed now in shop

Vintage 1960’s Dress ~ Grey with pinstripes & bow tie collar

Left: Zozo
Right: Intuition

Jours de France, May 1972