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im tired as fuckkk.. im breaking out due to stress, eating like shit due to stress, got eczemas everywhere, guess why? yeah ur right. due to stress. i just hate college man lmaoo. anyway i really need to distract myself for a whileee.. plsss send asks my way about your life or if u need advice, about fashion dieting exercising models studying friends love interestsss.. im a pandora box.

so tumblr friends,

on semptember 28th i was booked for a fashion show in my city but its for an unknown brand (starter designers participate in it.. like a fashion week for newbies) BUT that same day my family is going on a lil vacation trip from friday to sunday or monday idek.. to a lil village. WHAT do i do. do i stay alone in the city & do the show or do i go w my fam & fuck the fs.

side note, im NOT getting paid for walking.

pleaaase help me im really torn

y’all seen the vine where girly goes “I don’t care about my haters so if you wanna fight me, then fight me”? well that’s my mood for the rest of the year

watch Alex karev holding a baby and don’t cry challenge

Yo i still literally can’t get over philipp plein’s and Alexander wang’s a/w collections like i literally think about them between every two or theee minutes

I’m on the mood for answering things about the thinspo side of this blog lmao. I started developing this ed like 4 months ago and I started weighting 128 lbs. my current weight is 110 lbs and my goal weight is 103lbs. I’m 5’8.. sooo make yourself at home and send anons about anything u want to know or if u have any trauma/confession about u/ur weight/insecurities/advice 💫💫💫

honestly I want to kill myself right now I feel the fattest I’ve ever been and I was so thin rn I might be weighing like 112lbs or 114 even

Honestly I have many popular posts that have between 1k-10k notes how can u steal it from me I’m gonna notice lmaooo just reblog it and go.

You guys I just reached 10k!! Thank y’all so much I can’t believe I made it this far even though it’s not much I started this blog to express my love for fashion and I’m glad I can share it with you and you like it. I’m always open for new ideas or if there’s something wrong w my blog you can just tell me. Love yallll!!

Should I change my blog’s theme? Like the golden one