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its yalls girl

yesterday i treated myself: shaved, waxed, did my eyebrows, did a moisturizing face mask.. today i woke up eaaarly, read a little, had breakfast w mom, & worked out rrrreallll harddd.. also tonight im going out (its been TOO long). decided that if i dont do it, none’s gonna do it for me. i went to my doc on tuesday & she gave me creams & anxiety pills so i was forced to calm down. i’ll try not to drown on a water glass from now on. how are yall doing?? im feeling super energetic & motivated!! wish yall the same vibes ✨🦋

im tired as fuckkk.. im breaking out due to stress, eating like shit due to stress, got eczemas everywhere, guess why? yeah ur right. due to stress. i just hate college man lmaoo. anyway i really need to distract myself for a whileee.. plsss send asks my way about your life or if u need advice, about fashion dieting exercising models studying friends love interestsss.. im a pandora box.


Bday outfit


Outfit today

Whole mood today

Channeling my inner model I guess

Bye beautiful Brazil