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Vintage Fashion ~ Pattie Boyd 1960’s

Vintage 1960’s Pattie Boyd ~ Updo & Lace Collar

Pattie Boyd 1967 wearing a Houndstooth Hat ~ Vintage 60’s Fashion

Can we talk about the fact that Pattie Boyd had her own very brave Me Too moment when she published her autobiography in 2007? She was so ahead of her time revealing how such incredibly famous men mistreated her. She doesn’t get nearly as much credit as she deserves for being that bold and courageous. Feminist icon 💅

(By the way, the book is called Wonderful Tonight! Pattie Boyd is such a captivating storyteller and she really makes you feel her nostalgia. I highly recommend it to my followers! It’s super interesting to read as an enthusiast of 60s fashion, music, and counterculture. Also she brings up astrology a lot and I love it. She’s proud to be a Pisces)

Pattie Boyd 1960’s ~ Mod Style

Pattie Boyd by Norman Parkinson for Vogue, 1967

Pattie Boyd by David Bailey, August 1969

Pattie Boyd by Barry Lategan for Vogue, 1969

Pattie Boyd & Jill Kennington ~ Vanity Fair 1965

Pattie Boyd & Jill Kennington Vanity Fair 1965