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Vintage Glamour Jean Shrimpton 1960’s

Vintage Accessories Add a touch of Glamour ~ Vintage Lipstick Case, Powder Compacts & Makeup Cases with hidden compartments 💄💋💄

Coleen Corby 1966 Seventeen Magazine

Vintage Fashion & Accessories ~ Just listed a few more Vintage collars 💕see shop for details

Vintage Fashion ~ That Leopard Print Blouse 😍

It’s Sweater Weather 🌰🐿🍁Vintage 1950’s Style

Vintage 60’s Fashion Mod Style Silk Scarf ~ Dead Stock still in package choose from (3) prints colors $23.99 each free domestic shipping

Pattie Boyd 1967 wearing a Houndstooth Hat ~ Vintage 60’s Fashion

Vintage Wool Plaid Pants High Waisted Wide leg style 60/70’s waist/26” length/43” $54.99 free shipping see shop for details

Vintage Vogue – French Vogue October 1960