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Merry Christmas 🌲🎁🌲

Jean Patchett 1950’s ~ Vintage accessories ~ Gold Metallic Belt

Vintage 1950’s Little Black Dress ~ Silky material with black floral print beautiful dress just listed see shop for details

Vintage Fashion ~ Polka Dot Dress late 50’s – early 60’s ~ listed now in shop

Vintage Fashion & Accessories ~ Just listed a few more Vintage collars 💕see shop for details

Vintage Fashion ~ That Leopard Print Blouse 😍

It’s Sweater Weather 🌰🐿🍁Vintage 1950’s Style

Life Magazine 1957 ~ Dovima Photograph by Loomis Dean

Jean Seberg 1957 ~ Vintage Glamour Black Bow Dress

Vintage Fashion 1952 Paris ~ Plaid accessories ~ Capucine Cafe de la Paix Photograph by Georges Dambler