Author: 1940-1979

Marie Claire, January 1940

that’s a good question! i actually never thought about it, whether they should properly be called coats or dresses haha. i googled “1960s coat dress” and found garments similar to the ones in the first picture, so i guess you could call them that. as for the second picture, i researched types of coats and i think they may be called shift coats or balmacaan coats. hope this helps!

aw, sorry i’m just seeing this ask! that’s so flattering, thank you very much, even though i don’t think i’m as independent and well-read as i could be :’) hey, reading all day is probably one of the best things a person can do with their time!

ah, are you referring to the tutoring post? i didn’t get any inquiries so i deleted the post lol 🙁 (i often delete text posts so that they don’t like interrupt the aesthetic of my blog) but thank you. i’m having an easier time now because i’m back at home with my parents and am going to take the semester off from college. i might try to tutor in my hometown because i still miss the sense of accomplishment from having a job.

Hair color ad, c. late 1970s

Zuri cosmetics, 1970s

Mary Wilson for Blues & Soul, 1976

Photo by Steve Hiett for Harpers and Queen, 1975

Clairol hair care ad, 1973

California, 1971

Barbara Carrera for Cosmopolitan, 1970