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“Katharine Hepburn had never worked with a director as effeminate as Vincente Minnelli. In an era long before the world ever heard of Michael Jackson, Minnelli showed up on the set often in full make-up⎯⎯⎯scarlet lipstick, black or sometimes purplish eye shadow, and lots of mascara.

‘Why did Judy Garland marry a homosexual?’ Kate asked Robert Taylor on one of the days she was speaking to him.

Why do you live with one as I do?” Taylor said.

Kate so resented his reference to Spencer Tracy that she decided to strike back at Taylor in a way that she knew would prick his vanity. ‘I’ve never seen but one of your pictures, and I don’t think I’ll see Undercurrent either. I did see Camille. But I didn’t know you existed in that film. With Greta Garbo on the screen, who would look at Robert Taylor?’“