What made you get a tumblr & did your tumb…

What made you get a tumblr & did your tumblr grow really fast or did it grow little by little

such an interesting question loves it <3 im studying human resources at uni rn but i’ve been passionate about fashion since i was 6. my mom has always been stylish so i grew up watching her dress to impress & wearing high fashion brands such as dior or armani so yeah. on my last year of HS i decided to take capitalism’s path: companies lol. i thought like, im not known nor famous so my designs will b ignored & i will get depressed, jokes on me i ended up being depressed under capitalism’s arm anyway haha. long story short, i did this blog to express my love for fashion, aesthetics, beauty & models so i wouldnt be so frustrated about my dream career & thats why i made a tumblr, a polyvore acc & got partnerships with fashion brands (i even got asked to work at cushnie et ochs which is nuts!!). nevertheless once i get my phd on HR i’m gonna study fashion design! 

& about my blog’s growth, it grew little by little at first but as soon as i understood how it actually worked, i started to get followers really fast, like when i reached 5k, i didnt even get the time to realize that i was already on 10k & so on. now it got a little slow again but i dont even care about followers. xx